Virtual Training Series: Intelligent Fraud Investigation

– 4 parts from Insights of AI and Covid 19 Fraud Actions to Sustainability Fraud –

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fraud [100 min. 2 CPE] 18th November 2021
– Insights into the use of Artificial Intelligence for fraudulent activity –
In the fraud investigation industry, artificial intelligence is increasingly being promoted as a way to recognize and detect fraudulent activities. New startups and technology companies are developing software solutions to make it easier for customers to detect fraudulent activity in advance, praising AI-driven mass data analytics and „fraud dashboards“ as a supposedly secure solution for preventive protection.
But what if these supposedly secure solutions are also used by „fraudsters“? What does it mean for a company when an AI-driven analytics tool is used not for and in, but against the company? How is it that millions of credit card information can be purchased on the dark web? Where did this information come from and how did it fall into the wrong hands?
The training deals with different types of „Artificial Intelligence“ and how it can be used against the company. With practical examples, you will learn about different possibilities of fraudulent actions through artificial intelligence and will be sensitized to the other side of the coin.

Covid 19 Fraud Actions [100 min. 2 CPE] 25th November 2021
– Expand your risk map. Pitfalls to avoid during and after the pandemic –
Covid 19 turned the whole world upside down. Many people were and are parallelized by the images that went around the world. In the process, most of us experienced for the first time in our lives what it means to live in a „lockdown“ and stand in line outside supermarkets. These permanent fears and insecurities that have arisen affect all aspects of our lives, including professional ones … But fear was and is usually a bad advisor, and unfortunately there will always be people who take advantage of this fear.
For example, a survey of its members by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (USA) found that the pandemic situation has opened the door to fraudsters. Starting with new types of cyber fraud, healthcare fraud, payment fraud, identity theft, balance sheet manipulation, the list goes on and shows exponential „growth“ in almost all areas.
The following training „Covid 19 – Pitfalls to avoid during and after the pandemic“ will give you a brief overview of the currently common fraudulent activities based on real-life examples and will provide you with tools and hand tools to counter fraud in your company preventively, but will also help you to recognize more quickly fraud that has been committed.

ESG | Sustainability Fraud [100 min. 2 CPE] 02. December 2021
– Recognize warning signs and prepare for active fraud cases around ESG –
The term „sustainability“ is on everyone’s lips and companies are increasingly using resources and financial resources to live up to this claim of being „sustainable“. Consumers are attaching more and more importance to sustainable products in their purchasing behavior and are paying particular attention to the environmentally friendly and resource-saving manufacture of products. And investors are also investing very selectively in ESG products and funds (Environmental Social Governance) on the premise of climate and environmental protection.
But „Sustainability“ also has its dark side… Where a lot of money flows, a lot of money can also be lost… and mostly with and from fraudulent intent. The possibilities here are very diverse and range from financial statement fraud, protection of reputation and publicity to dubious providers of supposed ESG and „sustainability“ products.
The training gives you a practical overview of the fraud scenarios that have come to light so far and points out warning signals that will help you to counter fraud constellations preventively and to adjust your risk profile and internal control system accordingly.

Fraud Investigation Live Cycle | Ten Critical Failures in Fraud Investigations [100 min. 2 CPE] 09. December 2021
– Avoid mistakes and achieve optimal results –
Every fraud or special investigation has its own DNA and constantly requires internal auditors and investigative team staff to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Different case constellations of fraudulent acts, new types of fraudulent behavior and a lack of focus on the core elements of an investigation present us with major challenges time and again.
Especially at the beginning of a fraud investigation, it sometimes seems as if you can’t see the forest for the trees. Therefore, it is even more important to plan a fraud investigation correctly from the beginning, to work with hypotheses and as targeted scoping as possible, and to let the „Pareto principle“ work for you.
This Investigations Lifecycle Training shows you common pitfalls of a fraud investigation in a practical way and provides you with insightful solutions and tips to avoid recurring mistakes and to conduct your investigation efficiently from the beginning.

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