Next Level Results Through Innovative Communication based on latest brain research results

– Improved audit and team performance by using latest insights on brain research –


Learn how to understand and react to the current pain points and challenges of your audit clients more effectively than ever and influence outcomes that help your organization meet its objectives. How? With innovative language, behavior and communication strategies. Facts, figures and logic alone will not convince someone to agree or take action. It is time to innovate and create. Better communication, more acceptance and excellent working relationships will result.

The ARC Heuristic Intuition Assessment, Negotiation and Coaching Approach (ARC HIANCA) is an approach that enables internal auditors to understand and react to the current pain points and challenges of business counterparts more effectively than ever before. Participants learn how to monitor and adjust language, behavior and communication strategy, which influences the acceptance of their messages. ARC HIANCA enables internal auditors to manage stakeholders while maintaining the balance of power. (Please note that we do not use any NLP techniques.)

Disappointment can arise quickly when findings, risk assessments and recommendations are not accepted because business counterparts see things differently. In fact, it is generally accepted today that facts, figures and logic alone will not necessarily convince someone to agree or take action. One key reason is that there is no direct interface between the brain areas responsible for logic, thinking, and language, and those areas that are the foundation of behavior and decision-making. Therefore, the real fault lies in the lack of knowledge about the ingredients necessary to be successful in convincing others.

The key objective of the ARC HIANCA training is to clearly understand the mechanics of behavior and decision-making from a brain research perspective. The major benefit of this training is not only better communication and team skills, but also learning how to win the acceptance of others and establish excellent working relationships.

This training is one of the main drivers that contribute to high-performance audit teams: strong, self-confident auditors with excellent relationship-building and communication skills, whether they are communicating with business counterparts or within the audit team.

This training is offered at two levels: for the management team of Corporate Audit, and for audit team members.

i. For Audit Executive Management

The training is tailored to audit management, with a focus on understanding the point of view of senior business counterparts and how to communicate with strategic stakeholders, including senior management and the Board. Stakeholder’s needs, effectiveness of relationships, and the role of Internal Audit and Audit executives are examined.

ii. For Audit Team Members and Operational Audit Leaders

Very often, internal auditors may experience push back, lack of cooperation and even aggression from some business counterparts. ARC HIANCA helps to prevent and deal with such situations before they result in conflict. In addition, the training offers internal auditors the opportunity to understand the different roles of management, e.g. typical behavior concepts in leadership, the manager as expert, doctor or coach. Participants will learn the pros and cons of each role and resulting impact on their own behavior.

Ultimately, participants become more comfortable and skilled at persuading and influencing no matter their hierarchical perspective. Follow-up group web-coaching sessions may take place two to three months after the workshop so that participants may ask questions and get feedback on current audit communication challenges.


  • Audit and communication
  • Introduction to how humans think
  • A new approach to get new/different/better results
  • Key learning on how the brain learns and works
  • The link from brain research to Internal Audit
  • ARC HIANCA approach: the reward containers, power words, sunshine levels
  • Applying ARC HIANCA in practice
    • With business counterparts
    • Internally within the team
    • Application to career/personal development coaching
  • The role of emotional intelligence in audit results
  • The linkage between preparation and intuition
  • Negotiation techniques and conflict management for auditors
  • Advanced questioning skills
    • With business counterparts
    • In coaching
  • Relevant case studies with feedback in small groups and in plenum

In-depth preparation techniques and strategy

  • Typical situations
  • Challenging situations

Background on ARC HIANCA:

The ARC HIANCA approach is based on concrete fact-based results, and the research of Nobel laureate Prof. James Rothman (Yale University), Prof. Randy Schekman (Berkeley University) and Prof. Thomas Südhof (Stanford University) and Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer (Max Planck Institute for Educational Research). These findings, combined with the system of „Somatic Markers“ by Antonio Damasio, enable us to conduct our conversations privately and professionally at a new level.

This combination of methodical approaches is bundled into neuro-systemic coaching under the name ARC Intuition-Heuristic Approach: ARC HIANCA.

Today, it is generally accepted that our interpersonal competences directly affect audit work and audit success. Not only cleanly documented analysis, but also cleverly guided interviews, discussions, and opening and closing audit meetings enable auditors to bring the company forward and convince the audit client of the audit findings, risk assessments and recommendations.

Numerous auditors have learned how to perform manual audit procedures in training. However, it is precisely at the conclusion of an audit that it becomes clear whether the auditor is in a position to successfully implement the audit results generated, resulting in a transformation of the business. ARC HIANCA empowers your Internal Audit team with the right tools, techniques and strategies to drive audit success.

Management Trainer

Über das ARC-Institute

Das ARC-Institute liefert mit dem Audit Research Center wichtige Impulse zur Weiterentwicklung der Revisionsbranche. Der Zielfokus richtet sich auf die Vernetzung zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis. Dabei steht die Weiter- und Neuentwicklung in Kooperation mit Revisoren, Unternehmen und Verbänden im Fokus, um die Praxisnähe zu erhalten und implementierungsfähige Methoden, Tools sowie Konzepte zu entwickeln. Die im Dialog mit Branchenexperten erarbeiteten Ergebnisse dienen der Praxis heute als Leitfaden und Adaptionsmöglichkeiten, um den Gesamtnutzen des Unternehmens langfristig und nachhaltig mit einer innovativen Revisionsarbeit steigern zu können.

Im Sinne des Thought Leadership Gedankens steht das ARC Institute mit dem Audit Research Centerfür Themenführerschaft und Vorausdenken im Bereich Interne Revision.

Gegenwärtig unterstützt das ARC Institute im Rahmen von Forschungs-, Beratungs- und Personalentwick-lungsprojekten nicht nur führende supranationale Institutionen, sondern auch zahlreiche börsennotierte Unternehmen in den drei deutschsprachigen Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz.

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part 1: 23. November 2020
part 2: 24. November 2020
part 3: 25. November 2020
part 4: 26. Novembert 2020
always from 13:00 -16:30



4 x ½ day = 2 days
[14 CPE ~ IIA Standards]

Conditions and Price

Das Training (alle vier Teile) kostet insgesamt 580,- Euro zuzüglich Mehrwertsteuer gemäß Vorzugskonditionen.
Nach Eingang Ihrer Anmeldung erhalten Sie eine Anmeldebestätigung mit Rechnung. Bitte zahlen Sie die Anmeldegebühr sofort nach Erhalt der Rechnung. Im Preis enthalten sind die Teilnahme an den Vorträgen der gebuchten Veranstaltung und Seminarunterlagen.

Sie können bis zu zwei Wochen vor der Veranstaltung kostenfrei stornieren. Danach oder bei Nichterscheinen des Teilnehmers berechnen wir die gesamte Teilnahmegebühr. Selbstverständlich ist es möglich, den angemeldeten Teilnehmer zu vertreten.

The participation (all four parts) costs a total of 580,- Euro plus VAT according to preferential conditions. After receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation of registration with invoice. Please pay the registration fee immediately after receiving the invoice. The price includes the participation in the lectures of the booked event and seminar documents.

You can cancel up to two weeks before the event free of charge. Thereafter or if the participant fails to attend, we will charge the entire participation fee. Of course it is possible to represent the registered participant.


Interaktiver Vortrag, Diskussion, Gruppenarbeit, praktische Übungen, Fallstudien, Reflexion


…  zum Vorzugspreis in Verbindung mit Ihrer Buchung der Fachkonferenztage der Audit Challenge 2020


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